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Parcel trigger.

Increase efficiency.

As a replacement for complex cable release systems, the GPS-supported plot trigger can save you personnel costs and time.

Various field and machine settings allow the plot change to be signaled exactly when it is ideal for the current application and machine.

The parcel trigger can be combined with an RTK-GPS system or - if a GPS system is already available - receive the data from it.

  • Individually adjustable to machine, field and application
  • Two differently configurable plot change signals possible
  • Signaling via potential-free relay contacts
  • Pulse with adjustable duration - ON/OFF or OFF/ON possible
  • Different paths can be set
  • Field and machine parameters can be saved and loaded separately

Demo video of our Parcel trigger.

Based on the RTK GPS signal, a relay is triggered at each plot boundary.

This prevents sowing errors and minimizes reworking.

Optionally, the seed can be documented using a barcode scanner and geolocation.

This is implemented in the video for demonstration purposes using a lever.