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Precise geolocation.

Our highly accurate GPS system with Real Time Kinematics (RTK) enables satellite-based positioning of any instruments or machines. The accuracy of the system exceeds that of conventional GPS devices many times over thanks to RTK technology.

RTK stands for Real Time Kinematic and describes a process for the exact determination of positions with the help of satellites (real-time kinematics). The signal from a reference station (known as the “base”) is constantly compared with the signal from mobile stations (known as “rovers”) using correction signals.

  • RTK GPS receiver for highly accurate positioning
  • Relative accuracy ±5 cm
  • Correction data is determined via reference station and transmitted to the mobile device via an 868 MHz radio module (up to 2 km range with line-of-sight)
  • Output via NMEA protocol with an output rate of 1, 5, 10 or 20 Hz
  • Areas of application include agriculture, road construction or the verification of intertial sensors and driver assistance systems during test drives

The RTK method works with the satellite-based navigation systems GPS and GLONASS. It achieves relative accuracies of up to ±5 cm under optimum conditions. The coordinates of the points are calculated and output via one of the interfaces with a frequency of up to 20Hz in NMEA format.

Our system is based on two GPS receivers including antennas, with one receiver representing the stationary reference station and the other receiving the coordinates.

RTK-GPS for truck test drives.

Precise verification of vehicle systems and real-time localization of road users.

Our system is available in a specially adapted version that is tailored to the requirements of test drives with trucks. In such test setups, our RTK GPS system is used as a reference for sensors installed on the vehicle in order to verify the accuracy of the vehicle systems. The system can be used as a reference for radar measurements, lidar and inertial measurement units (IMU).

In a specific application, people, cyclists and other road users in the vicinity of the truck can be localized and their relative movements to the vehicle can be recorded, displayed and documented in real time.

In such a setup, one of our RTK base stations is set up as a reference station. In addition, the vehicle and up to 8 movable dummies are each equipped with one of our RTK rovers. The positions of these units can then be recorded relative to each other and passed on via CAN bus, for example.

In addition, our system has a visualization of the current positions, which displays the current situation at any time.

As part of the development of our plot trigger for the seed cultivation industry, we have created a demo video of an RTK-GPS-supported test drive in which a lever on a tractor is moved at defined geocoordinates.