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secomo seed monitoring.

Real-time monitoring in single grain sowing.

secomo is a seed counting system that enables precise seed monitoring for precision seeding. Connected grain recording sensors are read out and the recorded data is saved unfiltered. This allows you to analyze your fields extensively away from the test areas on the computer and optimize your yield in a targeted manner. This makes seed monitoring child's play.

In addition, the “secomoVision” visualization software, which is tailored to the application, enables direct access to the data collected during the sowing process on the tractor or seed drill. This allows errors during sowing to be detected and rectified immediately.

Logging of your seed light barriers.

Direct visualization.

secomo offers you the security of meeting economic standards and legal requirements for precision seeding today and in the future, as the storage of data enables ISO-certified seeding. All data on the sowing process is stored in computer-readable format and can therefore be used as proof for certification procedures.

secomo provides you with:

  • Automated reading of seed light barriers for precise logging
  • Adjustable warning messages
  • Direct visualization of the data in use on the machine
  • Storage of all relevant data for later in-depth analysis
  • Simple connection via 12VDC terminal
  • Robust metal housing with screwable connections