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Your system supplier for high-performance electronics.


When it comes to electronics and mechatronics, we at trilogik are your manufactory: as a system supplier, we develop and manufacture your product in a very specific, absolutely unique and handmade way.

Here are just a few examples of some of the application-oriented products and solutions we have realized for our customers.

Our product developments:


Seed technology

Parcel trigger

As an alternative to complex cable trigger systems, the GPS-supported plot trigger enables savings in terms of labor costs and time.

Individual field and machine settings allow the plot change to be signaled exactly when it is best suited to the current application and machine.

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Seed technology

secomo seed monitoring

secomo is a seed counting system that enables precise monitoring of individual seeds.

The connected sensors for grain counting are read out and the recorded data is stored unchanged.

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Custom solutions


Our precise GPS system with Real Time Kinematics (RTK) enables satellite-based positioning of various instruments or machines.

Thanks to RTK technology, the accuracy of the system exceeds that of conventional GPS devices many times over.

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Custom solutions

Room air indicator / CO₂ indicator

Whether in the classroom, in the company or in the living room - effective ventilation of all rooms is of great importance, especially with regard to the spread of aerosols.

The traffic light system presented here gives you an immediate visual impression of the air quality in the room.

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Relative RTK-GPS

RefPoint RTK

The RefPoint RTK is able to measure relative distances based on RTK GPS for distance measurements on mobile devices. The focus is on user-friendliness, without having to deal with surveying systems. The system provides the relative position of both devices directly via a display.

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