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IoT-data logger EcoSense.

Your flexible IoT-sensor device.

This device uses integrated sensors to record environmental data and sends it via LoRaWAN to a server that makes this data available for retrieval.
Built-in sensors (can also be expanded or scaled down depending on the application):

  • CO2 [ppm]
  • Brightness [Lux]
  • Temperature [°C]
  • Humidity [%]

Alternative sensors for NH3, air pressure, volume, movement, radiation or dust particles can be implemented as required.
Of course, other values can also be derived from this, such as a heat index or indoor air quality.

You define the application, we work with you to create the right sensor concept!

IoT connectivity.

Secure data transport: from sensor to display.

The data flow can be implemented as shown in the example opposite.

As we develop special solutions, we are not locked into this structure, but can adapt the network structure to your application.

No limits to our thinking, realize dream projects!


Visualize your data.

Suitable visualizations cover a wide range of possibilities.

In the simplest case, the use of graphs as a data visualization element is obvious, but jointly developed alternatives can also be an effective means of gaining an overview of the flood of data.