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Digital tape measure.

Are you looking for a solution to determine the distance between a crane and the suspended load with a deviation of no more than 10 cm?

RefPointRTK simplifies the measurement of crane systems on the factory premises after production by replacing a measuring tape, laser or other cumbersome measuring equipment. Thanks to the wireless connection between the display unit in the crane and the mobile unit on the cylinder, measuring problems caused by obstacles (material lying around, barriers, pallets, etc.) are a thing of the past.

The system provides the relative position of both devices directly via a display. Please note that the system is used in the open air.

User friendly.

The system can be used immediately, regardless of location, without time-consuming calibration, as it is based on the moving baseline RTK principle.

Display options:

  • Direct horizontal distance
  • Direct vertical distance
  • Coordinate-based distance in the X, Y and Z directions by defining alignment points in advance

It works with a display frequency of 1 Hz and is therefore also relevant for time-critical applications.

Advantages compared to conventional RTK systems:

  • Greater flexibility: measurement of the distance between devices in different directions
  • Direct visualization: immediate feedback and monitoring during measurement - resulting in increased efficiency and fast error analysis
  • No reference stations: independent of fixed reference stations thanks to Moving Baseline RTK

The applications for the system are very diverse:

  • Distance measurement for cranes between the axis of rotation and the bottle or roller head
  • Precise positioning of points on sports fields
  • Measurement of land during the construction phase (distance of construction elements, precise alignment of components, etc.)
  • Distance measurement between feeding areas, nesting sites or migration corridors for wild animals
  • Alignment of concert equipment
  • Development of interactive and adaptive architectural concepts
  • Reference measurement for systems with other positioning technologies